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Bear With Me is Out Now

Jessica's brand new full-length novel is out NOW! Available for Kindle download

It’s my birthday today and what better way to celebrate it than with the release of my 5th book, Bear With Me.

The novel features a new set of characters, but is still set in Whitsborough Bay like my previous books. A couple of the characters from the trilogy make an appearance.

I’m an arctophile – collector/lover of teddy bears – so this is a really special book for me. My protagonist’s mum is also an actophile, runs a specialist teddy bear shop called Bear With Me and makes teddy bears. I set up and ran my own teddy bear shop for two years and I also make bears, although it’s been many years since I last made one. My bear shop wasn’t anywhere near as successful as Bear With Me and I’ve only made five teddy bears so I’m not quite on par with Jemma’s mum, but at least I could draw on my personal experiences for writing the book.

I explained in a previous post that I have an ‘Easter egg’ in all my books: a teddy bear in every one. There are lots of them in this one! However, there are three specific ones who have a key role to play in the story.

I hope you enjoy the new story.

Jessica xx

Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes love finds us when we least expect it. But sometimes love leaves us, just as unexpectedly.

Everything changes for Jemma on the weekend of her 28th birthday. An unexpected proposal from boyfriend, Scott, is overshadowed by her mum’s diagnosis with a life-changing condition. After the weekend, she needs Scott’s support more than ever. So why isn’t he returning her calls?

Everything was meant to be changing for Sam that same weekend. He should have been walking down the aisle with Nikki. But she’s not around anymore and Sam’s struggling to face the future. Did he do the right thing by moving to London to escape the memories of their life together?

When they've loved and lost, can they bear to let love in again?


Bear With Me, and all will be revealed …

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