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Cover Reveal Time - Raving About Rhys

Jessica's excited to be able to show you the cover for the final re-launched book

Over the past couple of months, I've been reading through the Whitsborough Bay Trilogy to check for typos and layout issues before relaunching them under my indie imprint of Little Bear Books. Today, I'm delighted to be able to re-launch 'Raving About Rhys'.

I love this story and it was one of those ideas that suddenly came together and pretty much wrote itself. My publisher had asked me to write a short story to release for free prior to the original launch of 'Searching for Steven', featuring one or more characters from Steven. Obviously I couldn't include any of the main characters as their stories would be told across the trilogy but there was a minor character - Callie - who I really liked and it felt like she deserved her own story.

I didn't know how the story was going to develop when I started writing it but I just went with the ideas that developed and realsied that I had a novella on my hands rather than a short story.

Raving About Rhys is still set in Whitsborough Bay, it's chronologically set before the trilogy but it is a standalone story and can be read before, during, or after the trilogy.

Hope you enjoy it.

Jessica xx

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