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Merry Christmas Everyone

It's Christmas Eve and Jessica's ready to put her stocking out

It's Christmas Eve evening and the big man in red has already put in a full working day delivering to the other side of the world. I'll bet he's shattered! I can completely empathise with putting in long days. I've put in some very long hours over the last few months on the day job (which has sadly meant almost no opportunity to write) so finishing for Christmas a couple of days ago felt absolutely amazing, although I feel completely shattered at the moment.

I've got my PJs on, the candles are lit, the fairy lights are on and we're having a family relax in front of the TV. It's been a busy old day. We've had a family lunch with my husband's side of the family, the munchkin and I have been to Christingle with my Brownie Pack, and I've done some last minute present wrapping.

We fancy watching 'The Lady in the Van' on TV tonight but I don't think we'll manage to stay awake till the end of it so hubby's going to record it. Unfortuantely he has a bit of flat-pack erecting to do as 'Santa' is bringing the munchkin a desk and chair. I'll watch and direct from the comfort of the settee I think!

Wishing you a fun and relaxing Christmas with friends and family, and my thoughts are with anyone missing loved ones this year.

Jessica xx

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