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"The End" of an Era

Jessica has just typed "The End" after finishing book 3 of The Whitsborough Bay Trilogy. She reflects on what this means, and what happens next

On Friday, I typed the words “The End” on the manuscript of my third full-length novel and it struck me that those words were more apt than any of the times I’ve typed them previously. Why? Because I’d reached the end of my trilogy. It’s thirteen-and-a-half years since I had the idea for my debut novel, Searching for Steven, and thirteen years since I first put fingers to keyboard and started typing. That’s over thirteen years that I’ve been living with Sarah, Elise, Clare, Auntie Kay, Nick, Gary, Stevie and a whole cast of secondary characters chatting to me and changing the script. And now I need to say goodbye to them, which is going to be really, really strange.

Admittedly, it’s just au revoir for now because I’ll still have edits to do once my publisher has read the MS, but it still feels pretty significant because (assuming my publisher likes it), I will only be doing tweaks now; not creating new plot points. 

I was behind on my deadline so it’s been a stressful few weeks trying to finish it. Now I feel at a bit of a loose end as I await any changes. In the past, I’ve just got on with the next book in the series, but the series is finished.

Or is it? 

The trilogy is finished, but I’m not ready to leave the stunning North Yorkshire setting of Whitsborough Bay. So I’m not going to. My next full-length novel will still be set in Whitsborough Bay, but will feature a new cast of characters. It’s going to be a stand-alone novel rather than part of a series. The thing is, I don’t want to crack on with that and then have to break to do edits on book 3 so I’m just tentatively doing a few bits and bobs. I’ve got the name for my protagonist, I know what she looks like, I know what her job is etc. I’ve also populated a secret Pinterest Board with a inspirational images. I’m just reluctant to get writing. We’ll see how long I manage to abstain!

Oh, and do you want to know the title of book three? It’s Clare’s story and it’s called ‘Dreaming About Daran’. Providing the edits go to plan, it will be released on 18th August.

Have a great week.

Jessica xx

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